This tendency, always to attempt to connect the (incidental) dots into a line, a thread.


Is this existential ritual a reflection - sometimes, of a hunger, an addiction - to meaningfulness? To significance? A crucial dependence on making some sense of it all. An absolute pre-requisite for sustenance, for survival.


Linking the next instance with the current one is a complicated and ambitious challenge. One which often even involves voluntary self-delusion, as opposed to the usual "normative" deceit one is so accustomed to.


How surprising it is to look back at times, and discover a trajectory, an amplitude, a "story". Was it there from the "beginning ", in the first place? Or did one’s own interpretations during the many different link- decision-making points mold, shape, or even distort the story-line? The narrative?


How much influence does one have on its development? Does it really all depend on the filters through which one regards its (mis)haps? Is it alterable? And if so, can this also be done in retrospect?