My (Photographic) Consciousness - A Suggested Stream of



21.04.2011 - 07.09.2014




What we need to question is... that which seems to have ceased forever to astonish us.


We live, true, we breathe, true; we walk, we go downstairs, we sit at a table in order

to eat, we lie down on a bed in order to sleep.


How? Where? When? Why?


Georges Perec, L'infra Ordinaire





These are some of the trails I have been pacing through in these last recent years (actually and more specifically - during the period between Thursday, April 21 2011, at 11:14 and Sunday, September 7 2014, at 14:07).


At times some of these paths curved sharply or even ended abruptly - forcing me to make a u-turn. 

Sometimes they intersected or branched out and at times they merged.


I invite you to walk with me at your own pace and time.




Take a rest if and when you feel overwhelmed. Take as many breaks as are required. Feel free to change the course if ever or whenever you want. 


Go back if you need to.


Don’t be anxious, please, if you feel lost at times. Being lost may happen if you have only one clear objective in mind.


Mind. Look. Gaze.